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The world is moving at warp speed, tantalizing us with the possibilities of what can be and vexing us by calling into question everything that came before. Now, more than ever, capital-D “Design” is at the nexus of this swift march into the future.

Despite evidence that gadgetry is the New World Order I take refuge in the adage “The more things change the more they stay the same”.  Kontextür remains firmly, and I might add, happily, committed to the idea that at its’ essence our daily lives remain remarkably unchanged and that folks need and actually clamor for things other than smart devices, and their accompanying accessories, in their homes. People like things that are simply nice and functional with no extravagant promises of being “Transformational!!”.

Our want is to continue to make cool and innovative products that will improve in some simple way the occasionally humdrum human existence; to create a place where a copper watering can soar alongside a gold-plated toothbrush holder or a shark or diver building kit.

--Kenneth Schiller



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